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The Medication List app does not collect any personal information. All data is maintained on the device.




Medication List

Short Description

Medication List manages list of medication, physicians, and reminders for family

Full Description

Medication List is a program used to manage a families list of medications and a directory of doctors along with a reminder function that can be used to schedule medication intake or doctor's appointment. One of the key benefits for the family is the ability to show each doctor the full list of medication for a family member.

Main features of the application are:

- Keep list of medications for entire family
- Display medication list by individual family member
- Display medications prescribed by an individual doctor
- Keep detailed information on each medication
- Ability to take image of medication and or pill label
- Keep a list of doctors with details
- Create flexible recurring reminders for medication intake or other
- Create single reminders that can be used for any purpose

Medication List help text is included below for more detailed explanation of function.

About Us

Welcome to LSDinfotech. We are in the Android mobile application development business. This is our new endeavor, a shift from custom desktop applications.


Now in 2018, the current mission is to provide information related apps for consumers and small business owners with the objective of providing users with the ability to collect, store, retrieve, and analyze data that simplifies and improves their lives and business needs.


The vision is to become a premier app developer in multiple areas of interest. This includes but is not limited to medical informatics and small business management.

In the medical informatics field the goal is to help improve healthcare and patient outcomes. In this domain, there is a future where the patient has access to all relevant medical information in one place. A future that when a patient is asked for a medical history at the provider a comprehensive and accurate response is immediately available.

In the area of small business the vision is to provide apps that help the business owner organize and run more efficient business processes on mobile platforms. My interest in this area came from watching my son strive to run his business on his phone.

Providing Solutions

In an effort to learn from consumers and business owners, I would like to hear about medical information needs of patients and information needs of small business owners. If you have a particular need or request for an app that provides a solution to problem that intrudes into your day to day send an email. I will review and get back to you.

If the idea can be incorporated into an app that can be developed with a reasonable effort and is applicable to help others the app will be put on the Applicaton Idea list.

Otto L Lecuona email

Medication List Introdction



Medication list has three options in upper right selections. Sort by family member, sort by physician, and sort all which lists all medications in the database. Sort all is the default setting for the medication list. To add a new medication press add button.


The medication screen has a place for taking pictures of the medication and prescription bottle label. This is provided if it is desired to show this to physician. Press the label with the camera icon to take picture. Press the actual image to bring up close up.

Press SAVE after required information has been input.


Pressing the phone icon on the physician in physician list will bring up dialog to call physician if a phone number is on file.


After entering an email address for physician pressing the email text will bring up an email chooser.


This is a list of family member available in database. To add a new family member press add button. To edit an existing family member press on family member.


This allow for recording basic information about a family member. Use SAVE button on action bar to add or update to database. Select delete from action bar to remove family member from database.


This is a list of all current reminders. Reminders are all created in a separate medication calendar. This calendar is visible on the device's calendar app and can be hidden there if necessay. Note, hidden calendars will not issue reminders. To add a new reminder hit the plus button. A list of reminder types is displayed


Enter name, start date, start time. The occurence type is automatically populated. The following settings modify the reminder.

Days to occur - if applicable allows the selection of days of the week for the reminder. This is applicable to weekly and monthly reminders.

Repeats every - Sets the repeat interval. For example setting to 3 days for a daily reminder results in every 3rd day.

Number of occurences - This is the total number of occurences. Default is indefinite. Setting to a value ends the repeating reminder after the specified number of events have occured. For example, setting daily reminders with number set to 7 will stop after 7 days.

Until date - if specified will end repeating reminders at midnight of set date.